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Have you seen these Hawaiian birds in Waikiki?
Posted by Unknown | Saturday, February 8, 2014

While hiking Diamond Head last week with friends, we saw a lot of these cute birds eating the newly sprouted weeds and grasses.  They were so pretty that I looked up the names of them so that you, too, can keep an eye out for them while you are out and about in Waikiki.  This is a yellow fronted canary:

These Yellow Fronted Canaries are found only on Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii.  They are all over Kapiolani Park, the Zoo, and Diamond Head State Monument.  If you are staying at one of our vacation rental units such as the Cabana at Waikiki, the Waikiki Lanais, or the Waikiki Skytower then you are just a short distance to both these places. 

They are small and hard to catch a photo of but they are super fun to watch as they nibble on the new seedlings of the grasses.   This one is most likely a house finch:

In these areas you will also see a lot of these tall Cattle Egrets:

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The egrets were brought to keep down the flies on the cattle here and have stayed and flourished in the parks and anywhere else with tall grasses hiding the bugs they love to eat.  They are excellent at pest control and beautiful to look at.

Also you will see some cute little bright green birds called Japanese White-eyes. They are called this because they have distinct while circles around their eyes.  We also have Java Sparrows, common Myna birds, Fairy Terns, Pacific Golden Plovers, mallard ducks, Red Crested Cardinals, and even a flock of over 50 bright green parrots in the park! You can't miss their voices and you'll see them hiding up high in groups on the branches of the monkey pod and banyan trees. 

Bird spotting and identifying can be a great way for the kids to bring back something for Show and Tell at school and to friends and family back home.

So, come enjoy the nature of our parks while staying with us as another great free activity that the whole family can enjoy!

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