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Third Eye Blind Pop Up Show at Sans Souci Beach, Diamond Head
Posted by Ali'i Beach Rentals | Saturday, September 1, 2012

I wanted to share this story with all of you. My wife and I were driving home from work today, August 31st when we saw a Facebook post by a local radio station (Star 101.9) announcing Third Eye Blind would be putting on a last minute unplugged pop up show this evening. We had heard that the night before hand many fans didn't make it into their show because of some sort of fire code law restricting the amount of people they let into the venue. I guess Third Eye Blind decided to put on a second show for those who bought a ticket but weren't allowed into the show.

Since it was supposed to start in just a few minutes we rushed home to Waikiki and power walked down the coast to Sans Souci Beach. For those of you not familiar with the area Sans Souci Beach is at the beginning of the Diamond Head district and is a beautiful area. I'll be honest with you... I only half expected them to be there, but it was a beautiful evening for a walk anyways. Why not check it out right?

As we walked up to the beach park there weren't many people there. Just a small group sitting around in a circle. Actually at first it looked like nothing more than a drum circle put together by the local hippies. As we got closer we realized that this was in fact Third Eye Blind putting on a beach side jam session. Super exciting! At first there was only about 30 people or so sitting on the grass watching them play, but more and more fans started to trickle in as the news went viral. To make a long story short they sounded great and it was pretty amazing to get that up close and personal with such a legendary band. It was an evening we all won't forget. Please take a moment to watch the above video I put together of one of their hit songs. Aloha!

Written by
Kai Jack (R)

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