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7 Oct 2022
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Lagoon #4 at Ko Olina Beach

Looking for the best beach near our Ko Olina vacation rentals? Ko Olina beach is a must-visit while on Oahu. Visit early or late in the day to get free parking and avoid crowds. There are 4 different lagoons you can swim in at the beach in front of the resorts at Ko Olina.

The most popular lagoon is Lagoon #4 since it is closer to the biggest parking lot. You can find free parking near the lagoons, but it is first come first serve so get there early! Or if you can't find parking there you can park at the marina for $10.

So many people like this beach because it is clean and there are showers and public restrooms. You can paddle board, relax, or snorkel in the man-made lagoons that are somewhat protected from the waves. You might even see a monk seal resting on the beach as we did, see in the photo below. If you do see one, please keep your distance from them. 

After the beach, make sure to check out all of the different restaurants at Ko Olina for a delicious lunch or dinner!

Monk Seal Resting at Ko Olina Beach