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Waikiki Sunset 2106 - Ali'i Beach Rentals Stayed Here!
Posted by Ali'i Beach Rentals | Thursday, January 19, 2012

My name is Jessica, and I am a reservation Specialist with Ali'i Beach Rentals. This means I've most likely spoken with some of you on the phone, looking for a Waikiki vacation rental. Well, this time it was my turn! I went to stay in one of our vacation rentals (Waikiki Sunset 2106) for a weekend, so I got to experience what it was like being a guest of our company. And I have to say…it wasn't bad at all!

Check-in time varies for everyone, depending on what time your flight gets in. For my Mom and I, we had a dinner party Friday, which meant we'd be checking in later that night. I'll be honest and say I wasn't entirely a fan of that idea - I would have liked to check in earlier in the day when it was still light out, but it was good in a way because I could experience the whole check-in process as if I had a late flight coming into Honolulu. In any case, we were excited to go!

When we finally got down to the unit, the check-in process was easy (make sure to print out that check-in welcome package!!). Parked the car in front, told the security guard I was running upstairs to get the parking pass, found the parking pass and the elevator key card on the side of the refrigerator in a clearly marked plastic container, came back down, and parked in the parking garage. [*side note: even though you have a parking pass, you have to take a ticket to enter the garage…don't be like me and think that pressing your elevator key card on a card reader will make the gate go up…I promise you, it won't :-) ] Found a parking stall (no reserved spot, just park anywhere), and off we went, lugging all our stuff behind us.

When we got upstairs, we set all our stuff down and looked around. The Waikiki Sunset is a unit that I had never visited personally yet, so this was my first time being here. It was always one of my favorites from the pictures on our website, and finally seeing it for the first time…it was still one of my favorites!

It had been a long day for my Mom and I, so we quickly settled in and went to sleep.

Morning came, and sunrise over the buildings was a great way to start our day.

My Mom and I hadn't brought any food items down with us, which meant no coffee! I don't know about any of you, but my Mom and I both need coffee in the morning. I'll share a hidden secret with you: on the next block is the Waikiki Beach Marriott (but don't stay there, stay with us!) - inside that Marriott, in the public lobby/garden area, is a Seattle's Best Coffee!! A quick walk down the block (and stopping to admire just how close the beach is.

I got a delicious mocha for my Mom and a hot chai for myself! I lounged on the lanai for a bit, and then moved into the bedroom to watch the news and enjoy my tea with the sunlight streaming in the window.

After a bit we decided to go find breakfast and enjoy the beach. Of course, no stay in Waikiki is complete without a stop at your friendly ABC Store corner store for sunglasses, sunscreen, and anything else you might need for a day at the beach (in case you forgot it at home or left it in the rental!).

As I waited for my Mom, I saw one of the many Waikiki trolleys drive by with just a few passengers. We walked down to the main road, strolled for a few blocks, and then found the breakfast place I had heard about, Eggs 'n Things. I had been told that this place is always crowded, even early in the morning, and at 9 am, that was definitely the case. We saw the line already as we walked down the block, but I was determined to find out just why this place was so good!

As we waited in line, I looked around and liked the fact that the beach was right across the street - grab your breakfast and go sit on the beach…sounds like a good idea to me!

And right where we were standing, just 3 blocks down from our rental, so not very far at all, was the location of the Friday night hula show, by the huge banyan tree to the right of me. The Waikiki Sunset definitely is within walking distance of everything, and I knew in my head that a lot of our rentals are within a 4-5 block radius of the middle of Waikiki, so the location is really great.

We had a really nice breakfast at a covered sitting area right in front of the beach. After that, we proceeded to enjoy and relax on Waikiki Beach for about 4 hours. Don't forget to come prepared with essentials…a snack of some sort and a water for sure - gotta stay hydrated!

After the beach, we were a bit too tired to go back to the hotel and have dinner at one of the restaurants on the main strip. Fortunately there is a huge Safeway about a 5 minutes drive away, so we went there to get some dinner. After we ate dinner, I sat on the lanai to enjoy the night breeze and the skyline of Waikiki.

The next morning, we checked out and headed home. We both really enjoyed the Waikiki Sunset; a few things needed attention (the bed frame and some light bulbs), but I brought those to the attention of the property manager and he went about fixing them. All in all, it was a nice mother-daughter weekend in town, away from the North Shore, and a nice start to the "Ali'i Beach Rentals Stayed Here!" program. I know you'll have a similar experience as well!

Written By Jessica Barbadillo, Reservation Specialist with Ali'i Beach Rentals

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