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A Hike to the Top of Diamond Head
Posted by Ali'i Beach Rentals | Friday, October 28, 2011

I've always heard that the Diamond Head hike was a fun activity for the Waikiki tourist. I'll be honest... I've even suggested some of our guests take the trail even though I admittedly had never tried it myself. Last week I had family in town and they asked if we could do the hike so we went on a Friday morning. To make a long story short we had a great time! Everything from the mysterious tunnels to walk through to the mind blowing view of Waikiki (see photo) has inspired me to tell all of you about the how wrong I had been to think this was just an activity for tourists. FYI most of the trail was more of a walk than a hike if you ask me, that is until you get to the long flights of steps towards the end. If you have a hard time with steps you may not make it to the top. There were a good amount of people on the trail and about a dozen hikers at the top of the lookout. You could tell everyone up there was impressed with the panoramic views. If you make the Diamond Head hike a part of your Oahu adventure it is an experience you're not soon to forget!
Kai Jack, RA

Diamond Head Hike

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