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The Best Ways To Get Around The Island
Posted by Ali'i Beach Rentals | Friday, June 21, 2019

When visiting Waikiki people often wonder if they should rent a car, and they frequently ask us: What is the best way to get around? Well, that all depends on what you are planning to do while you are on vacation. If you plan on adventuring around the whole island to see all that Oahu has to offer and you need a car to get to a lot of the places you want to see and do all of the things you want to do, and your vacation rental comes with a parking stall, you should consider renting a car. If you only need a rental car a couple of times throughout your whole trip and your vacation rental does not offer parking on site, we recommend renting a car for the day at one of the many rental car facilities in Waikiki, such as Aloha Rents Hawaii Car Rental, and Discount Hawaii Car Rental you can also view more transportation companies on our website here.

If you want to adventure around but do not want to drive a car and prefer to drive something smaller, like a moped or scoot coupe, we suggest checking out Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales. Or if you prefer using the public transportation system you can visit TheBUS website to view inexpensive prices and routes all over the island. If you are planning on staying around the Honolulu, Waikiki area we suggest checking out the Waikiki Trolley

If you don't want to share transportation with any other travelers and don't have time to make a reservation, we suggest using Uber or Lyft or a taxi company like Charley's Taxi & Tours for a quick and easy way to get where you need to be. Or if you prefer not to ride in a car at all and would like to get some exercise, you can rent a Biki bike there are Biki bike stations all over Honolulu! Visit their website or download their app to see where the nearest Biki bike station is.

If you are planning on booking tours or you only need transportation to and from the Airport and you also need somewhere to store your luggage, we recommend contacting Paradise Transport & Luggage Services. For Airport transportation and tours only, we recommend contacting Go Waikiki Shuttle, Go 808 Express, Roberts Hawaii Express Shuttle, Speedi Shuttle. Safe Travels!

Please note, we are not affiliated with any of the transportation companies listed in this blog post.

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