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10,000th Reservation Celebration Party near Waikiki!
Posted by Unknown | Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Alii Beach Rentals recently confirmed it's 10,000th vacation rental reservation!   We couldn't have done it without our wonderful vacation home owners and the awesome vacationers that come to enjoy their homes here in Waikiki.  It's such an honor to be able to put the two groups together in a mutually beneficial way.  We want to send out a big MAHALO to all of you!  This is a real reason to celebrate!
courtesy of Side Street Inn

We went to a restaurant on Kapahulu Avenue, just up from the Honolulu Zoo, called Side Street Inn.  It's the 2nd location of this locally favorite restaurant, with the first location being behind Ala Moana Shopping Center and very close to our Ala Moana Hotel Vacation Rental.  It's got valet parking but it's also just a short walk from our Waikiki Vacation Rentals at the Cabana at Waikiki, the Waikiki Sunset, and the Waikiki Banyan.  It has large tables for big groups and it's very family friendly.

We started off with appetizers like Ahi Poke (raw fish with seaweed and spices in a soy based sauce), Korean fried chicken, and fried pork bellies.  Then we had their most famous entree, the fried pork chops, along with their popular pork fried rice, some pork spare ribs, and kalbi steak.  Everything was so delicious. 

At the end of the meal, even though we were full, we had to share their most favorite dessert, the peanut butter fudge brownie ala mode.  What more can I say other than WOW!!   I could eat that every day!  You have to go check out the Side Street Inn while you are here and celebrate for yourself that you are in Waikiki, on vacation, and with your loving family and friends!  Cheers!

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