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Polo matches on Oahu's North Shore starting Sunday April 6th!
Posted by Unknown | Saturday, April 5, 2014

This Sunday, April 6th, is the opening day of polo on Oahu's North Shore.  If you are staying at our North Shore vacation rental, then you are just a few miles from the polo field at Mokuleia, near Dillingham Airfield.   It's a nice car ride along scenic roads from our other Oahu Vacation Rentals such as the Royal Kuhio, the Royal Moana, and the Cabana at Waikiki.  The airfield is also home to Sky Dive Hawaii for those adventurous types looking to jump out of an airplane.  In fact, Sky Dive Hawaii will be landing jumpers onto the polo field at half time for a show!  Then, at the end of the day, there will be live entertainment by local musicians with dancing on the field under the stars.
This year it is more than just “another season” of polo at Mokuleia. 2014 marks the 51st anniversary of the first matches played at the Hawaii Polo Club at the Mokuleia field. It was 1963 when the Mokuleia Polo Club opened and the crowds came out from Honolulu to attend that first season of Sunday Polo Matches by the sea on opening day in 1963. 

Courtesy of Hawaii polo

Polo came to Hawaii before it came to North America by introduction from an Australian living in India.  He introduced the islands to the excited sport which eventually led to Walter Dillingham presiding over the blessing of the field.  His son Ben Dillingham umpired the match and Duke Kahanamoku threw in the first ball. Five decades and a lot of polo games have passed since that first Sunday of polo at Mokuleia. And now, 51 years later, it's ready to begin again!
courtesy of Hawaii polo trail rides

If you enjoy horseback riding Hawaii Polo Trail Rides offers day and sunset trail rides.  Unlike your typical landlocked ranch trail rides, experience unforgettable horseback rides along the breathtaking coast of Oahu's North Shore by some of the island's expert professionals! This amazing opportunity to ride some of the finest polo ponies offers an experience not found anywhere else in Hawaii!

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