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Centrally located health store/pharmacy in Waikiki
Posted by Unknown | Monday, March 10, 2014

Sometimes while traveling we all find ourselves having the need to find a pharmacy to pick up some cough syrup, extra vitamin C, or needing to fill a prescription.  Luckily there is a Good Neighbor pharmacy right in the heart of Waikiki, just a short distance from our vacation rental units such as the Aloha Surf, the Pacific Monarch, the Waikiki Park Heights, and many others
They have beach items you may need for sunburns, cuts, scrapes, etc.  Also, if you need shampoo, soaps, toothbrushes, paste, and other items you may have missed in packing, you should find everything you are looking for here.
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 I also highly recommend buying an item called EarPlanes.  They are little silicone cones that you put in your ears when flying on airplanes to help pressurize your inner ear so that you don't have to land with stuffed up ears.  They are also great for children.  Takeoffs and landings often result in ear pain and popping. That's because rapid changes in cabin pressure don't allow the ear's Eustachian tubes time to adjust.  Insert them in your or your child's ears, and these soft, hypoallergenic filters regulate changing air pressure, eliminating discomfort while reducing noise. Tested by U.S. Navy pilots, and by me!  I never fly without them, and they cost less than $5.00!

Plus it's not a bad idea to pick up a few vitamins since we all don't eat as well as we should on vacation when there are so many great restaurants in the area walking distance from our rentals!

The pharmacy is next door to the camera shop Kuhio Photo, on Kuhio Avenue, near Nahua Street, across from the shopping kiosks of Duke's Lane and the place that sells Hawaiian dog clothes.  It's also just a half block away, on the same side of the street, from the grocery store, Food Pantry.

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