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9 Aug 2019
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Oahu Restaurants

Looking for some of the best Poke on the island that's not too far from Waikiki? If you love fresh fish or Poke bowls you have to check out Off The Hook Poke Market in Manoa! 

With lots of toppings and unique preparations to choose from, I highly recommend it. I love anything with ginger on it so I went for the Cold Ginger Poke topped with furikake, tempura puffs, green onions, and bright orange masago. It was so good, it was off the hook!!

You also have the choice of White Rice, Brown Rice, Green Salad or Sushi Rice to go with it. I went with the salad since I wanted to eat more greens. See picture below:

You can also check them out on Yelp to learn more:

What is a Poke bowl? 

For those of you who don't know. A Poke bowl usually consists of your choice of rice (either white rice or brown rice), or salad topped with raw fish that has been marinated or prepared with many different ingredients.