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8 Jul 2013
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Oahu Activities

Watersports at the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon!

What a beautiful day for the beach! If you want to see another side of Waikiki beach, head down to the Lagoon behind Hilton Hawaiian village for the day. There is ample parking by the marina behind the Ilikai hotel. We enjoyed the great smells of a lunch truck parked by the edge of the parking lot as well. The water is a little colder than the ocean, but you have the peace of mind of no waves for your little ones. The beach just on the other side of the sand is gorgeous, but watch out for rocks on the bottom!

The activities desk by the lagoon rents stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and even paddle boats for use in either the lagoon or ocean. Explore this unique watersport destination during your next Oahu vacation! 

Find a Waikiki Vacation Condo! 

This beach is an easy walking distance for our guests to many of the condos in our rental pool, such as Waikiki Marina, Ilikai Marina, Ilikai Hotel, Discovery Bay, and Waikiki Shore.